Vooraankondiging Jaarupdate Bankwijzer

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The annual update policy of fair banking index will be published on 22 April.
How to score the banks now on the various themes and sectors? Which banks have made progress? Who should have hit a big battle? This update is unclear whether and to what extent banks have their policies include social and environmental issues are strengthened and the differences.

The first update of the Fair Insurance Guide will be gepupliceerd on 27 May.

The Fair Bank Guide & Fair Insurance Guide aims to sustainability of banks using the consumer. It is an initiative of Amnesty International, Animal, FNV, Friends of the Earth, Oxfam Novib and PAX. The Fair Bank Guide was launched in January 2009. The research for the Fair Bank Guide is performed by Profundo economic research.

For more information: Press officers Oxfam Novib Jules van Os, 06-51573683

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