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All information about Mining

Many mining activities take place in open grooves, allowing the natural habitat of plants and animals is destroyed in large areas. In addition, mining companies use huge amounts of water to separate the minerals of the excavated mud, or acidic, toxic or radioactive waste dump. Rivers that people, animals and forests provide water are seriously polluted, as the seas which these rivers flow. The effects of mining play continued long after mining activities have been completed.

A common problem is that mining the land rights of local residents do not respect. When mining companies there is often very dangerous work, appalling working conditions and poor security. Moreover, they often lack the respect of fundamental labor and child labor come sometimes.

The Fair Bank Guide considers it important that banks be tested on their mining policies. Banks can use their influence to long-term effects and human rights abuses.
The following parts are in accordance with the Fair Bank Guide include relevant in drafting an investment policy for the mining sector:

  • Prevention and response to accidents and crises;
  • Minimization of mining waste management and processing;
  • Transparency and preventing corruption and tax evasion;
  • Recognition of local law and the sovereignty of raw materials;

Detailed information on how the Fair Bank Guide banks evaluates this topic, you can be found in chapter three of theĀ latest report.

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