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All information about Labour rights

Each employee has a right to decent working conditions. Protecting people in their working environment is a fundamental responsibility of companies and governments. Employees have the right to:

  • Good working conditions: safe and healthy work, no discrimination;
  • good benefits: pay, working hours, amenities, etc.;
  • respect of their employment rights: right to organize, the right to collective bargaining and other rights.

These basic rights apply to all employees regardless of race, sex or religion. Compliance with these requirements helps in the development of a strong workforce that can contribute to the development of sustainable human capital. The insurance of labor can contribute to the democratization of societies, creating a more favorable business climate for business.

All companies must be able to demonstrate the above basic rights. The policy of banks to ensure that only invested in companies that meet these criteria. Care Banks in the development of an employment policy to use the international standards, which are described in the latest report by the Fair Bank Guide. Learn more about how banks on labor rights score in practice? See here the last praktijkonderzoek scheepssloperijen.

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