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All information about Human rights

Although banks usually are not directly involved in human rights violations, they could be held partly responsible if the companies they invest violate human rights. Or governments

To avoid all forms of involvement in human rights violations banks have a human rights policy with clear standards and policies required. The Fair Bank Guide believes that a good policy in the field of human rights should consist mainly of:

  • An analysis of the current investments of the bank of sensitive sectors, countries and companies are identified that should be regularly and carefully examined with respect to human rights;
  • A procedure to assess the potential human rights implications of a proposed investment in a company or government through a human rights impact assessment;
  • A clear definition of the activities in which the bank does not want to be involved, based on international conventions, standards and norms.

Detailed information on how the Fair Bank Guide assesses human rights policy, can be found in Chapter 3 of theĀ latest report.

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