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All information about Forestry

About 30% of the land surface of the earth - nearly 4 billion hectares - is covered by forests. Of these, about 271 million hectares of timber plantations. The plantations Although these have a very different function, it is often classified as 'forest'. Forests and plantations play an important role on earth. They provide us with various services such as providing a habitat for about 70% of all terrestrial plants and animals, fertile soils and CO2 uptake from the air.

The Fair Bank Guide considers it important that banks be tested on forestry policy. Banks can use their influence to combat deforestation and forest degradation. This can make banks by a strict policy for investments in the forest sector.

The following parts are in accordance with the Fair Bank Guide include relevant in drafting an investment policy for the forestry sector:

  • No deforestation for agricultural or other economic activities;
  • Preventing conflicts concerning fundamental rights and land use;
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certification for forest management and timber plantations;

Detailed information on how the Fair Bank Guide banks evaluates this topic, you can be found in chapter three of theĀ latest report.

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