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All information about Dams

Big dams built for electricity and water management, are often very controversial. The final report of the World Commission on Dams (WCD) 2000, large dams have displaced worldwide between 40 and 80 million people from their homes.

Dams have 60% of rivers worldwide interrupted or reclaimed. This often huge - had effects on the natural environment - irreversible. Prove the economic benefits are often overestimated. Moreover, evidence from scientific research that hydropower plants produce a lot of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that among other issues, the rotting of the vegetation on the bottom of the reservoir.

Banks and investors involved in the construction of dam projects should develop for these investments sector policy in which the recommendations of the WCD are included. This policy should be applied at least to all large dams or other major water infrastructure projects.

The Fair Bank Guide considers it important that banks be tested on their dams policy. A good policy on dams includes:

  • Avoid risks of dam projects by extensive review projects for potential social and environmental problems.
  • Use the principles, criteria of the WCD in the field of environmental and social issues as a framework for the evaluation of the basis and guidelines for, and investment in individual projects.

Detailed information on how the Fair Bank Guide banks evaluates this topic, you can be found in chapter three of theĀ latest report.

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