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Social Responsibility according to ING Bank

ING test is trying to prevent damage to the environment, biodiversity, people and human rights. Wants the bank why are not involved in companies that violate environmental harm or human rights. ING closes so some companies standard financing or investment. From The bank wants to be a good employer and seeks to reduce its environmental impact. Policy on sustainability issues is not only something that ING itself, it must also be as topical as possible reflection of what our stakeholders is important. Are Because ING does not have a monopoly on wisdom, helps a fair and open stakeholder dialogue to constantly scrutinize our policies and to implement improvements where necessary. The "Fair Bank Guide" is an example of the outcome of such stakeholder dialogue. We liked to participate to its development, and the results not only a nice look at existing policies but also on where the opportunities and challenges for the future. Offering readers

Company profile

ING Bank is part of the ING Group, a Dutch financial institution that global services company providing banking, investments, life insurance and pensions. ING has more than 85 million clients: individuals, small and medium sized businesses, large corporations, institutions and governments. The bank provides include mortgage and other loans to individuals, investments in bonds, equities and derivatives and loans to businesses.

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